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Red River Hospital provides comprehensive, personalized treatment to adolescents and adults who have been struggling with opioid addiction. Serving Wichita Falls, TX, Red River is the leading provider of opioid addiction treatment at the inpatient and outpatient levels.

Learn More About Opioid Addiction Treatment

Learn more about opioid addiction treatment at Red River Hospital in Wichita Falls, TX 

Opioid abuse and addiction have reached epidemic levels in the United States. Commonly abused opioids include illicit substances such as heroin, controlled medications such as morphine, and prescription painkillers such as Oxycontin (which contains the opioid oxycodone) and Percocet (which contains acetaminophen and oxycodone).   

Some individuals become dependent upon opioids after using them as prescribed by a physician for legitimate medical reasons. Others develop opioid addiction after abusing these substances in a misguided effort to self-medicate or for recreational purposes. 

Regardless of what led you to develop an addiction to opioids, it can be extremely difficult to achieve recovery without effective professional treatment. 

When you become addicted to opioids, your body will adapt to their presence. When you attempt to end your opioid use, or when you’re incapable of acquiring additional opioids, you may experience intense cravings and a host of additional distressing symptoms. This experience is known as withdrawal.  

If you try to end your opioid use on your own, the physical and psychological pain of withdrawal can quickly overwhelm you. The sense of shame and frustration that can result from a failed attempt to stop using opioids can push you deeper into this self-defeating behavior and complicate future efforts to achieve recovery. 

However, when you seek effective professional treatment for opioid addiction at a center that provides comprehensive, personalized care, your ability to succeed increases significantly. With the right type and level of care, you can learn to manage your symptoms, overcome the urge to abuse opioids, and make the lifestyle changes that will support long-term recovery.

How to Help a Loved One

Helping a loved one get treatment for opioid addiction in Wichita Falls, Texas 

If someone you care about has been struggling with opioid addiction, you may be worried, confused, or even angry. Please know that these are understandable emotions. However, it’s important to realize that your loved one is struggling with a serious but treatable disorder. You can play an important role in getting them the treatment they need. Here are a few ways you can help: 

Educate yourself about opioid addiction and treatment. This will help you understand what your loved one is experiencing. It will also increase your awareness of the many treatment options that have helped others.  

Identify opioid addiction treatment providers in the Wichita Falls, Texas, area that appear to be good fits for your loved one. Remember that there’s no such thing as one perfect method for treating opioid addiction. What’s most important is finding the resource that best matches your loved one’s needs, goals, preferences, and personality. 

Talk to your loved one. Perhaps even more importantly, listen to them. Express your concerns, emphasize your love and support, and share what you’ve learned. If they’re willing to consider getting treatment, involve them in your efforts to identify and evaluate opioid addiction treatment centers in your community. If they resist the idea of getting help, discuss this challenge with the treatment centers you’ve been considering. 

Do not attempt to do this all by yourself. Get a small group of close friends and trusted family members to help you. If you think you need to see a therapist or counselor to process how your loved one’s struggles with opioid addiction have impacted you, don’t ignore this need. You can’t be the best source of support to others if you’re neglecting your own physical, mental, or emotional well-being. 

Finally, remember that recovery from opioid addiction is a long-term endeavor. Your loved one will need your support before, during, and after their time in treatment for opioid addiction. Plan to be a positive presence in your loved one’s life every step of the way. 

Why Consider Treatment

Why consider treatment for opioid addiction at Red River Hospital in Wichita Falls, TX 

Untreated opioid addiction can have a devastating impact on virtually all areas of a person’s life. When you need, but don’t receive, effective professional care for opioid addiction, you risk continued harm to your physical, mental, and social well-being. 

Untreated opioid addiction is associated with a wide range of negative health problems, including the continued risk of overdose. Without proper treatment for opioid addiction, you may struggle to perform to expectation in school or at work. This can lead to academic failure, job loss, and chronic unemployment. This, in turn, can cause financial difficulties and undermine your ability to achieve a healthy independent lifestyle. 

Continuing to struggle with untreated opioid addiction can lead to the onset or worsening of co-occurring mental health disorders. Strained or ruined relationships, loss of vital personal support, social withdrawal or isolation, diminished self-esteem, and a pervasive sense of hopelessness are among the many negative outcomes that can result from untreated opioid addiction. 

However, when you seek effective professional treatment for opioid addiction at Red River Hospital in Wichita Falls, Texas, you can minimize your risk for continued harm. While you’re in our care, you can begin to heal from past damage. When you make the courageous decision to get treatment for opioid addiction, you can make the lifestyle changes that will empower you to end your opioid use and achieve successful, long-term recovery.

Our Philosophy

Red River Hospital philosophy and treatment benefits

If you or someone you care about has been struggling with opioid addiction or a related challenge, Red River is here to help. Our addiction treatment center in Wichita Falls, Texas, offers comprehensive services that are personalized according to the specific needs of each person who heals with us and provided in an atmosphere of dignity and respect. 

When you participate in treatment at Red River, you will work in close collaboration with a team of experienced and compassionate professionals. These dedicated experts will encourage you to play an active role in your treatment experience and will empower you to take ownership of your recovery.  

Throughout your time at Red River, your team will listen to your concerns, answer your questions, and honor your perspective. Every step of the way, you’ll have the information you need to make the most informed decisions for yourself or on behalf of a family member.

Types of Treatment

Types of opioid addiction treatment offered at Red River Hospital in Wichita Falls, TX

Admission to Red River Hospital in Wichita Falls begins with an assessment. We provide assessments 24 hours a day, seven days a week, free of charge.  

The information that’s collected during your assessment will form the basis of your personalized treatment plan. When you receive opioid addiction treatment at Red River Hospital, your plan may include the following elements:  

DetoxificationDetox is a short-term program that allows you to complete the opioid withdrawal process with maximum safety and minimal discomfort. While you’re completing detox, you will receive round-the-clock care from a team that includes nurses, mental health professionals, and addiction specialists. Once you’ve completed detox, you can transition directly to the next phase of treatment. 

Medication managementCertain prescription medications may be able to ease symptoms of opioid withdrawal or any co-occurring mental health disorders that you’ve been experiencing. If you can benefit from this type of support, you may receive medication management services while you are being treated at Red River. Our medication management services include daily meetings with a psychiatrist to monitor your progress and, if necessary, adjust your dosage to ensure maximum benefit.  

Group therapyYour personalized opioid addiction treatment at our center in Wichita Falls, Texas, will include multiple daily opportunities to participate in group sessions. Groups address a wide range of topics, including effective communication skills, appropriate assertive behavior skills, anger management, conflict resolution, relapse prevention, and medication management.  

Family therapy: At Red River Hospital in Wichita Falls, TX, we believe that family members can play an important role during and after their loved one’s time in treatment for opioid addiction. We encourage family involvement in treatment to the greatest degree that is both possible and clinically appropriate. Family sessions can be conducted either in person or over the phoneOn our adolescent unit, at least one family session is required prior to the patient’s discharge. 

Individual therapyIndividual sessions may be scheduled on an as-needed basis for patients who are receiving treatment for opioid addiction. The only exception to this policy involves treatment in our military unit, which features a minimum of one individual therapy session each week. 

Recreational therapy: During your time at our opioid addiction treatment center in Wichita Falls, TX, you’ll have daily opportunities to participate in physical therapy, yoga, and other forms of therapeutic recreation.   

Educational support: Adolescents who are receiving treatment for opioid addiction at Red River participate in daily academic activities. Our treatment center includes an on-site classroom, where lessons are conducted by accredited teachers who are affiliated with our local school district.

Continuing Care

Continuing care and levels of treatment for opioid addiction

At Red River Hospital, the discharge planning process begins the day you start treatment for opioid addiction 

Your treatment team will continue to review and update your plan throughout your time with us. By the time you’re ready to transition out of our care, we will have developed a detailed personalized plan to guide the next phases of your recovery journey. 

If you can benefit from step-down support via our partial hospitalization program (PHP) or intensive outpatient program (IOP), we can include recommendations for these levels of care in your discharge plan. Depending upon your needs and goals, your discharge plan may also include referrals to traditional outpatient therapy, information about community-based resources, or connections with peer support groups in your area. 

As with all aspects of treatment for opioid addiction at Red River Hospital in Wichita Falls, Texas, your discharge plan will be a customized document that is developed specifically for you. 

To learn more about discharge planning, continuing care options, or any other aspects of treatment for opioid addiction at Red River Hospital, please contact us at your earliest convenience. A member of our team is available 24/7 to answer all your questions and help you determine if we have the solutions you’ve been seeking. 

What sets us apart?

We understand the many pressures, concerns, and frustrations that can accompany the effort to find the best treatment option, and we are dedicated to doing all that we can to make this a more efficient and effective process.

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