Military Heroes Unit Psychiatric Inpatient Treatment Program

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About the Program

At Red River Hospital in Wichita Falls, we have a Military Heroes Unit (MHU) specifically dedicated for US services members who are struggling with PTSD, trauma, other behavioral health issues, or addiction. Comprised solely of active duty military personnel, the program is designed to meet the unique needs of our service men and women. Essential staff consist of psychiatrists, therapists, and nurses with military affiliation. Staff maintains coordination and communication with Post/Base clinicians, physicians, case managers, command, and other appropriate personnel. We believe that a team approach provides unity and encourages an atmosphere of fellowship. This camaraderie is evident in the therapeutic and social interactions among our military population.

Our Approach

As a core philosophical approach, the MHU team tends to adhere to a cognitive behavioral orientation. In addition, we utilize cognitive processing therapy (CPT) for those with PTSD, dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT) techniques, family systems, and other approaches. Our treatment team takes a holistic approach to treatment, to include individual and group psychotherapy, medication management, equine therapy, and a regimented physical fitness program in a private gym, which includes physical therapy twice per day as well as yoga. Group psychotherapy modalities include educational and process sessions, music therapy, cinema therapy, and other expressive methods. Through these various methods we strive to provide the best mental health and substance abuse treatment to our service men and women possible.

What to Expect

When a decision has been made that a service member’s care requires intensive inpatient stabilization and treatment, a referral is made from the referring military treatment facility (MTF) to Red River Hospital. One of our admissions’ staff will gather general information on the presenting problem, including the referring provider, and the service member’s command. Once at the hospital, there will be an admission process, including orientation to the unit. The service member will be assigned a case manager, an individual therapist, and a psychiatrist.

Length of Stay

We avoid providing a general estimate on length of stay since each patient’s goals, issues, and progress are unique. Many factors are taken into consideration when deciding a discharge date. The treatment team meets regularly to discuss progress, set-backs, concerns, and discharge planning. The MHU staff will provide weekly clinical updates to one’s referring military treatment facility (MTF) to not only ensure agreement on treatment, but also to ensure continuity of care.


Red River Hospital will provide transportation from any military installation or any other place that the military requests (e.g. another hospital or emergency room) at no cost to the military, Tricare, or the service member. Red River Hospital will send an escort (depending on the patient’s needs) to meet the service member and their command to ensure a safe travel plan back to Red River Hospital. Upon discharge from treatment, the same rules apply for meeting the command and returning the service member. The time frame in which a service member can be flown in is usually within 24 hours, depending on flight availability from the nearest airport.

The time frame in which a service member can be picked up by automobile is usually fairly quick if the trip is within eight hours from Wichita Falls. From the time of the call for admission, the team can be on the road within 30 minutes.

What sets us apart?
Understanding, Expert Staff
Individualized Treatment Plan
Optional Family Involvement

Your outpatient program is phenomenal, and so are the techs and nurses. They truly care about the patients.

– Former Resident