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About Our Military & First Responder Program in Wichita Falls, Texas

Learn about the Military Resiliency Unit at Red River Hospital in Wichita Falls, Texas 

At Red River Hospital, located in Wichita Falls, Texas, we are proud to provide comprehensive services for adults who are members of the U.S. military and first responder communities. 

Our Military Resiliency Unit, or MRU, is a dynamic and highly effective environment in which active-duty service members, military spouses and dependents, veterans, and first responders receive focused care for addictions and co-occurring mental health concerns. 

Patients who heal in our MRU receive evidence-based care from compassionate and experienced professionals. Our team recognizes the unique challenges our service members face, which is why we place a premium on acceptance, support, and respect. 

Each person in our Military Resiliency Unit follows a personalized care plan that is designed to help them heal, empower them to regain a state of mission-readiness, and prepare them for long-term success. The typical length of stay in our MRU is 30 days, but the actual duration depends on individual needs and progress.  

We are committed to helping our service members access the support they need. For this reason, we offer transportation services at no cost to the military, TRICARE, or the individual. We can transport the service member from their military base or any other location the military requests, such as another hospital or urgent care facility. If necessary, we can also provide an escort to meet them and their command and safely bring them to our Texas hospital. Upon discharge, we can return the service member to their residence, duty station, or other approved destination. 

Serving the Military & First Responder Communities

Personalized care for military members and their families, veterans, and first responders at our hospital in Wichita Falls, Texas 

In our Military Resiliency Unit, we serve active-duty military members, veterans of all branches of the U.S. armed forces, military spouses and dependents, and first responders.  

While in our MRU, patients may receive care for a variety of behavioral health concerns, including the following: 

  • Addiction 
  • Anxiety 
  • Depression 
  • Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) 
  • Bipolar disorder 
  • Self-harm 
  • Suicidal ideation 
  • Personality disorders 
  • Adjustment disorder 

Please note that this is only a partial list of disorders for which a person can receive effective professional support at our Texas hospital. All admissions decisions are made on a case-by-case basis following a thorough review of each person’s medical history, needs, and goals.  

How We Help Our Service Members

A structured environment that reflects and respects military and first responder values 

One of the many benefits of participating in our Military Resiliency Unit is that we have created a healing environment that meets the highest clinical standards while also reflecting the structure and values that are at the heart of your service. 

For example, our MRU staff includes psychiatrists, therapists, and nurses who have been affiliated with the U.S. armed forces or have significant experience working with members of the service community. With your permission, your care team will remain in communication with clinicians, case managers, command staff, and other appropriate personnel at your post or base. 

Throughout your time in our MRU, you can expect to follow a structured daily routine that includes military customs and courtesies, such as raising and lowering the flag, meeting appropriate appearance and grooming standards, and maintaining an orderly residence. We also promote an atmosphere of unity and camaraderie, which reflects the shared values of our service members. Whether you’re collaborating with your care team, actively participating in therapy, or socializing with fellow patients, you’ll find support and encouragement at every step of your healing journey.  

We also make a point to honor our MRU patients on holidays, such as Veterans Day, Memorial Day, and Independence Day. To reflect the spirit of selfless service that is at the heart of the military and first responder communities, MRU patients can volunteer with the Salvation Army on Thanksgiving and Christmas. We also provide many other volunteer opportunities throughout the year, which are described in greater detail in the “Services and Therapies” section of this page. 

Services & Therapies for Military Members & First Responders

Personalized interventions and comprehensive support services to promote long-term healing for active-duty military members, veterans, military spouses and dependents, and first responders 

Each person who heals in our Military Resiliency Unit follows an individualized care plan. Depending on your unique needs and goals, your plan may include the following services: 

  • Detox: If you are struggling with alcohol addiction or substance abuse, you may complete detox with us prior to fully engaging in our MRU. Our experienced detoxification team will help you get through the withdrawal process with maximum safety and minimal discomfort. Depending on your needs, you may receive both medical and therapeutic support while you are in detox.  
  • Medical care: You will meet with our medical director within 24 hours of your admission to our MRU. If you require medical services that we are not prepared to provide, we can arrange for care at an appropriate facility in the Wichita Falls area. 
  • Medication management: If prescription medications can ease or alleviate any mental health symptoms you are experiencing, we can include medication management services in your care plan. Our psychiatrists meet with MRU patients multiple times each week. Registered nurses (RNs) or licensed vocational nurses (LVNs) may also provide medication management services. 

While in our MRU, you may participate in a variety of therapies, including:  

  • Individual therapy: You will meet with a licensed therapist twice each week. We can also schedule additional sessions as needed. These one-on-one sessions can help you process the symptoms you are experiencing, address topics you may be hesitant to discuss in a group setting, and receive focused feedback from a qualified professional. 
  • Group therapy: During your time in our MRU, you can participate in multiple group sessions each day, including weekends. Led by our team of qualified professionals, group therapy offers a structured and supportive space where you can explore a variety of topics that are relevant to your healing journey. Examples of the many topics covered in groups include communication skills, mental health recovery, relaxation training, anger management, relationship issues, mindfulness, emotion regulation, distress tolerance, coping skills, trauma recovery, symptom management, relapse prevention, medication education, and 12-Step education and support. 
  • Family therapy: At Red River Hospital, we recognize that mental health concerns can have a profound impact on both you and your family members. We also understand that your loved ones can play an important role in your healing process, which is why we offer family therapy. If you and your loved ones can benefit from these sessions, we can schedule them as needed during your time in our Military Resiliency Unit.  
  • Experiential therapies: We provide a variety of experiential therapies so that you can find creative ways to explore your feelings and emotions. In our on-site gym, you can participate in twice-daily physical training sessions, as well as yoga and other fitness activities. We also schedule weekly outings, including equine therapy, bowling, nature walks, and volunteer activities at local nonprofits, such as food banks, homeless shelters, and humane societies. 

Depending on your unique needs, your care plan may include various evidence-based practices, such as:  

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) 
  • Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT)  
  • Cognitive processing therapy (CPT) 
  • Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) therapy 
  • 12-Step programming 
  • Self-management and recovery training (SMART) 

At Red River Hospital, we provide comprehensive support so that you can gain the skills you need to lead a healthy life and maintain your overall well-being.  

Continuing Care After Our Military & First Responder Program in Texas

Ongoing support to help you rediscover your inner strength and achieve lasting healing  

At Red River Hospital, we will continue to support you even after you leave our Military Resiliency Unit. To prepare you for life outside of our hospital, we will begin planning for your discharge at the time of your admission. Our team will work closely with you to create a detailed plan that is tailored to your unique needs. Your custom discharge plan may include a referral to a step-down program, connections with community-based services, and other information to support your continued success.  

We are here to guide you through each stage of your journey so that you can rediscover your inner strength and achieve lasting healing.  

If you would like to learn more about our Military Resiliency Unit in Wichita Falls, Texas, or if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our friendly and knowledgeable team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to speak with you. 

This content was written on behalf of and reviewed by the clinical staff at Red River Hospital. 

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