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Red River Hospital helps individuals struggling with alcohol addiction build a strong foundation for long-term recovery. Serving Wichita Falls, TX, Red River is the leading provider of alcohol detox treatment.

Learn More About Alcohol Detox

Learn more about alcohol detoxification at Red River Hospital in Wichita Falls, TX

Those who find that they are addicted to alcohol most likely did not begin drinking in an effort to fall into a pattern of deadly substance abuse. However, if someone does start ingesting liquor, beer, or wine on a regular basis, every aspect of his or her life can become negatively affected, and the ability to stop drinking can become exceptionally challenging.

For many people, professional treatment is required in order to put a stop to an addiction to alcohol. This is because as time passes tolerance can develop, which means that the user must continue to consume alcohol more frequently and in larger doses to experience the same effects. The user’s body then becomes used to the presence of alcohol, and struggles to function without it. This serves as a sign that a physical dependence has developed, which can lead to the development of painful withdrawal symptoms when drinking stops.

If you are addicted to alcohol, it is critical to know that there are many treatment options available. Treatment that includes detoxification, or detox, can be one of the most effective approaches to treating this issue. Detox is capable of helping you reach your treatment goals so that you can obtain recovery. When detox is provided within a comprehensive program, the pain that you might experience can be controlled so that you can move forward and obtain recovery success.


Benefits of detoxing from Alcohol at Red River Hospital

When detox is not being received, you can start to experience a number of consequences as you attempt to stop your drinking. Ignoring environmental factors and mental health issues, along with experiencing cravings and withdrawal symptoms, can be a recipe for disaster. In fact, withdrawal can often be too difficult to bear, and you might go back to drinking to soothe your symptoms. This can cause you to become sidetracked from your efforts to get sober. However, if you participate in a detox program, you can reap many benefits, including the following:

  • Cravings are decreased.
  • Risk for relapse is minimized.
  • The risks connected to continual alcohol abuse are relieved.
  • Your health can improve as alcohol is removed from your body.
  • Physical symptoms of withdrawal are reduced.
  • Your ability to think clearly is restored, allowing you to engage in other areas of recovery.

Through detox, your wellbeing will be monitored by a team of professionals who will protect your health. Nurse practitioners, nurses, and doctors will offer services that can help you achieve a positive outcome in your recovery.

Why Consider

Why consider detox treatment for alcohol addiction

Not receiving detox can be very dangerous if you are grappling with alcohol addiction. Once you stop drinking, depending on the nature of your abuse, withdrawal can begin. When this happens, your drinking is likely to get worse if you try to lessen the pain caused by your withdrawal symptoms. Consuming large amounts of alcohol can be extremely dangerous and potentially fatal. Also referred to as alcohol poisoning, an overdose can happen after someone has consumed too much alcohol. Additionally, many other health issues can develop if you stay addicted to alcohol, which can stand in the way of living a healthy life. Therefore, it is imperative to consider care that includes detox.

At Red River Hospital in Wichita Falls, TX, we understand that an alcohol addiction can be hard to overcome. Our team of professionals offers detox services to make the rest of the recovery process more successful. If you or someone you care about is looking to defeat alcohol addiction, reach out to us right now. We are here to help.

What sets us apart?

We understand the many pressures, concerns, and frustrations that can accompany the effort to find the best treatment option, and we are dedicated to doing all that we can to make this a more efficient and effective process.

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