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Red River Hospital helps individuals struggling with benzo addiction build a strong foundation for long-term recovery. Serving Wichita Falls, TX, Red River is the leading provider of benzo detox treatment.

Learn More About Benzo Detoxification

Learn more about benzo detoxification at Red River Hospital in Wichita Falls, TX

Benzodiazepines, which are more commonly referred to as benzos, include popular name brand medications like Xanax, Valium, and Ativan. These kinds of medications are beneficial in the treatment of conditions such as sleep, seizure, and anxiety disorders. However, when benzos are abused, they can produce effects including feelings of profound relaxation and a detachment from one’s surroundings. When benzos are being misused, a person’s body can become tolerant to these substances, which can eventually cause a physical dependence.

If you find that you are addicted to benzos and are struggling to stop your abuse, you can benefit from professional treatment. If you obtain treatment that is comprehensive and includes detoxification services (more commonly known as detox), your addiction to benzos can be stopped for good.


What happens during benzo withdrawal

If you are abusing benzos on a regular basis and have begun increasing the amount and frequency that you are consuming, you may experience painful symptoms when you stop your abuse. This is known as withdrawal, and the symptoms associated with withdrawal can be extremely upsetting and include dizziness, cravings, and stomach pain. Unfortunately, when this is occurring, the efforts you make on your own can be futile and possibly lead to more severe substance abuse. Continuing with this pattern of substance abuse after you have stopped is known as a relapse. Relapsing is something that those in recovery should be prepared for. If you are struggling with one or more relapses, there is a high risk that you will remain trapped within a dangerous pattern of benzodiazepine abuse.

However, if you want to achieve recovery and end your benzo addiction for good, there is help available. By engaging in a program that includes detox, you can obtain the skills needed to avoid relapse and reach your recovery goals.

Detox Process

Benzo detoxification at Red River Hospital

Starting a recovery journey can take a lot of courage, which is why we, at Red River Hospital in Wichita Falls, TX, are proud of those who make this decision. We vow to go above and beyond to ensure that each one of our patients gets a shot at sobriety. In addition to evaluating the needs of our patients, we determine if detox is needed at the start of treatment. When necessary, we ensure that patients obtain the services required to help them achieve recovery in an effective manner. This can include utilizing medication to help patients remain comfortable and supported while in detox.

Additionally, it is imperative to note that during your treatment, your course of care will be determined based on your specific needs. This will ultimately allow you to achieve the outcomes you desire.


Long-term benefits of benzo detox for addiction

Staying chemically dependent on benzos can cause you to experience a great deal of distress within your life. This can include losing touch with meaningful life moments and suffering health problems that can be fatal. However, by engaging in a program that includes detox, you can reclaim control of your life.

Detox services can offer you a number of benefits. For example, you can begin feeling much better physically and psychologically, as well as begin to experience freedom from the pain that is caused by benzo abuse and withdrawal. Also, you can obtain the peace of mind needed to focus on other areas of recovery. From understanding how and why an addiction such as this has developed, to being able to utilize skills needed to keep from abusing benzos in the future, you can focus primarily on achieving sobriety and living a healthy lifestyle.

Red River Hospital in Wichita Falls, TX is a premier provider of addiction treatment for anyone who is looking to end their benzo addiction for good. We are happy to offer detox services to help you begin the process of recovery. Therefore, if you have been in search of comprehensive care, do not waste any more time. Contact us right now to begin your sober life.

What sets us apart?

We understand the many pressures, concerns, and frustrations that can accompany the effort to find the best treatment option, and we are dedicated to doing all that we can to make this a more efficient and effective process.

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